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Care for your Lungs

By Shanna Shanti

Experiencing congestion? Coughing? Difficulties breathing?

My friend Thomas experienced a painful, heavy, burning feeling in his right lung after being exposed to a gardening chemical that was continually off-gassing out of an open bag in his car. After a week, he became so sensitive that being in a room with any type of smoke, from incense to cigarettes, caused severe coughing and a debilitating burning sensation. Thomas spent a year going to various renowned medical doctors and holistic practitioners including a master acupuncturist. He became depressed because the little relief he experienced was temporary.

Finally, he met a 72 year old Greek/American lady and nutritionist for 50 years who recommended two herbs that completely changed his life. “Honey, you need horsetail and fenugreek” she routinely repeated, “...fenugreek seed to clean your lungs, and horsetail to regenerate them.” Thomas eventually used the herbs and experienced a major recovery after only four days.

Whether you are noticing any respiratory symptoms or not, cleansing and rebuilding the lungs may prove to be beneficial. Most of us are exposed to air pollutants and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on a daily basis. Household products such as paints, carpets, varnishes, cleaners and solvents contain VOCs that are known to be harmful to our health. We are also bombarded by car exhaust, chemtrails, second hand smoke and other toxic sources.

Perhaps the time is now to try Horsetail and Fenugreek.


Add 8 cups of filtered or spring water into pot (non-aluminum). Bring to a boil.

Add 3 tbsp fenugreek seed and 3 tbsp of horsetail herb.

Reduce heat and simmer for 10-20 minutes. Using a timer may be helpful.

Turn off heat. (Option to add licorice shavings, peppermint and chamomile. Licorice may naturally sweeten the concoction. Allow herbs to steep)

Strain and serve.

Option to sweeten with raw honey, stevia etc.

During the simmering and steaming process, it is suggested to carefully stand over herbs (may need a stool to avoid burning nose) to breathe in the steam. Coughing and spitting up may occur and is an indicator that things are expelling and the passages are clearing.