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  • About Shanna

    With over 20 years of holistic experience, Shanna facilitates healing with hands-on techniques that aim to release restrictions and restore wellbeing. Her sessions are designed to liberate your body.

  • intuitive healing services

    Complimentary 20 min White Beam with 1st 90 min Session!

    Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

    for trauma and injury resolution

    CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, light-touch approach that aims to activate the body's self-healing mechanism. This mesmerizing modality was developed in the 1970's by John E. Upledger, an osteopathic physician who believed the craniosacral system directs and controls all our body processes. With the aim to balance and revitalize cerebrospinal fluid, CST balances and revitalizes cerebrospinal fluid which improves the functioning of the central nervous system.

    Reiki &

    Energy Medicine

    for integrated health & balance

    Energy medicine (aka energy healing) helps to activate life force energy which encourages the body to return to balance and health. Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique founded by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in 1922. It has been known to reduce stress and promote healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

    White Beam Tune-Up

    for relaxation & vitality

    Receive white light healing in the comfort & privacy of your own space with the option to connect by phone. This relaxing 20 minute session includes a holographic body scan to pinpoint energy blockages and denser body restrictions. White light & Reiki is offered with the intention of cleansing, balancing and revitalizing energy spheres to promote cellular health and wellness.




    White Beam Tune-Up by donation


    Kama'aina Package Rates

    3's a Charm-Package of 3 (Save $30)

    Give me 5-Package of 5 (Save $75)


  • Testimonials

    "Without sharing one detail about my history, Shanna intuitively knew the areas of my body that needed balancing, releasing, and grounding. I highly recommend Shanna as a body worker who can address all levels of healing with reverence and precision." -Jennifer Lynn, Founder of Wisdom Flow Yoga


    "Shanna has magic hands! Shortly after an acute hand injury I was lucky enough to have two sessions with her. Without working directly on my injury, Shanna was able to help shift my whole perception of the trauma and put me on the path to an amazingly rapid recovery which my 'regular' doctor described as "healing like a kid!" -Zorg, Stilt Artist and Musician


    "Shanna is an extraordinary bodyworker. When I came to see her I had been experiencing chronic head pain. After one session with Shanna my head pain completely disappeared and I felt she had accessed the root of the issue. Thanks to her deep listening of my body, I now have a more expanded sense of my own system which has been an enormous and empowering gift." -Kristen, Biologist


    "My time with Shanna has been the single most vital healing gift I have given to myself in years. It most certainly released darkness and shifted things around. Shanna is a gifted healer and I felt very safe in her caring presence. I’ve done many modalities of inner work before with breath, meditation etc. but this was unlike anything I've ever experienced. " -Joanie, Waldorf Librarian


    "Shanna is an amazing practitioner. She is gentle and caring and has a way of coaxing healing out in the least expected ways. I have had sessions with many Cranio workers and Shanna helps create the most emotional release of any I have met. I recommend her wholeheartedly." -Joe Hudson,Sustainable Business Entrepreneur


    "I'm not exactly sure what happened in our session but it was profound. I came down with a sore throat, chest cold and fever yet now my cold is almost gone and my back pain practically nonexistent. I believe Shanna helped move something around in me that had been stuck for awhile." -Ali, Dance Artist


    "Shanna's touch helps me relax instantly. Her depth of presence opens me up and I've had several breakthroughs: emotional, spiritual, and physical. She has a heart of gold and is a true healer. I highly recommend her." -Brian Edgar, DJ and Counselor


  • How it Works

    Healing is a Process



    • Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. No skirts please
    •  Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne as Shanna is allergic
    •  Inform Shanna of allergies or special needs at time of booking
    • Refrain from being under the influence of intoxicating substances
    •  Arrive hydrated
    • Eat at least 1-2 hours before session so you are neither hungry or too full
    • Consider results you aim to achieve


    • Expect a safe, professional environment 
    • Ask for what you need ie...blanket, pillows, tissue, touch or no touch in a specific area, bathroom break etc.
    • Pleasant and unpleasant sensations are common
    • Express what feels natural
    • Trust in your healing process
    • Allow time after a session to ground before driving
    • Avoid scheduling work after a session 


    • Drink plenty of electrolyte- enhanced water to flush out extra waste and lessen side-effects of detoxification
    • Sensations and emotions may be experienced after a session.  
    • It is not uncommon to experience pain in the body where pain never existed
    • Healing and integration processes may cause initial discomfort
    • If relief doesn't occur within 3 or 4 days, or if pain feels unbearable, please call for a follow up session or referral
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