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  • About Shanna

    With over 20 years of professional holistic experience, Shanna helps ignite your self-healing mechanism with hands-on techniques that encourages freedom from emotional and physical trauma. Her wellness program empowers you to commit to a self-care regime and to make intuitive, health-promoting choices.



    • Hawaii Licensed MAT#15153
    • CAMTC Certified Therapist Over 1000 training hours
    • Certified Yoga Instructor


    • Upledger Institute International, 2012-Current
    • Advanced CranioSacral Therapy trainings
    • Teacher Assistant for Upledger Institute
    • Desert School of Somatherapy 
    • Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts


  • Wellness Program

    Shanna offers an intuitive blend of specialty somatic therapies that help you breakthrough restrictions so you can live more fully in the present. It is an understatement to say we live in challenging times. Our health and wellbeing are dependent upon our ability to detoxify, recharge and replenish every system. Finding quiet time in nature is important, yet it is even more critical that we learn to be calm in the storm of modern day stresses and trauma such as loss, abuse, injury and disease.


    Shanna believes that compassion is the key ingredient to positive, or health-enhancing transformation. With an unconditionally loving presence, she aims to soothe your nerves and jumpstart your natural healing mechanism. As you continually return to a deep state of meditative awareness, your body finally has the opportunity to shed karma and restore wellbeing to the deepest channels of your soul.


    Shanna recommends her foundational & comprehensive series of sessions for optimal health and vitality. Her wellness packages encourage your commitment to self-care & gift you with a considerable price reduction. Call Shanna for a free 20 min phone consultation & discover how she can best help you.


    Wellness Program Rates

    Offering you three ways to Save!


    1-Rebook & Save $10


    2-Foundational Support

    Series of 4 Save $60

    60min $340 75min $420 90min $500

    Valid for 3 months after purchase


    3-Comprehensive Support

    Series of 10 Save $200

    60min $800 75min $1000 90min $1200

    Valid for 6 months after purchase


    Single Session

    60min $100 75min $120 90min $140


    Payment options:

    Cash, local check or PayPal through intothehealing@gmail.com

    Advanced CranioSacral Therapy

    myofascial & somatoemotional release

    CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, light-touch approach that aims to activate the body's self-healing mechanism. This mesmerizing modality was developed in the 1970's by John E. Upledger, an osteopathic physician who believed the craniosacral system directs and controls all our body processes. CST helps to balance and revitalize cerebrospinal fluid which improves the functioning of the central nervous system, and a healthy nervous system supports the body in healing itself from any form of stress, injury or disease. CST incorporates Myofascial and SomatoEmotional Release techniques.

    Energy Medicine

    reiki & polarity therapy

    Energy medicine (aka energy healing) helps to activate life force energy which encourages the body to return to balance and health. Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique founded by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in 1922. It has been known to reduce stress and promote healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Polarity Therapy is the art and science of stimulating and balancing the flow of life energy. It relates to one of the fundamental laws of nature, namely the attraction and union of opposites through a balanced middle point.

    Intuitive Healing Classes & Workshops

    Ignite self-healing, then help others

    Shanna's intuitive healing classes are designed to strengthen your intuition and to equip you with techniques to activate self-healing and to best support healing for others. Contact Shanna for class schedule and pricing.

  • Testimonials

    "Without sharing one detail about my history, Shanna intuitively knew the areas of my body that needed balancing, releasing, and grounding. I highly recommend Shanna as a body worker who can address all levels of healing with reverence and precision." -Jennifer Lynn, Founder of Wisdom Flow Yoga


    "Aloha Shanna, I had my thermography appointment today and Dr. Linda was SO impressed with the healing that I have been experiencing with you. My face, jaw, and neck look like a new woman. " -Joanie, Waldorf Librarian


    "Shanna is an amazing practitioner. She is gentle and caring and has a way of coaxing healing out in the least expected ways. I have had sessions with many Cranio workers and Shanna helps create the most emotional release of any I have met. I recommend her wholeheartedly." -Joe Hudson,Sustainable Business Entrepreneur


    "Dear Shanna, I need to let you know how incredibly powerful your work was for me. It was huge, huge, huge! I've made more progress in the 6 days since our session than for weeks prior, getting through the daunting tasks that seemed too overwhelming before." -Madolin Wells, Advanced CranioSacral Therapist and Sound Healer


    "Being in Shanna's presence made me feel safe, held, and free to express my deepest emotions. She is inherently gifted at holding sacred space to release deep emotional trauma." - Asherah Eden, Leading Soul Purpose Priestess


    "Shanna is an extraordinary bodyworker. When I came to see her I had been experiencing chronic head pain. After one session with Shanna my head pain completely disappeared and I felt she had accessed the root of the issue." -Kristen, Biologist


    "Shanna has magic hands! Shortly after an acute hand injury, she helped me with an amazingly rapid recovery which my 'regular' doctor described as "healing like a kid!" -Zorg, Stilt Artist and Musician


    "I'm not exactly sure what happened in our session but it was profound. I believe Shanna helped move something around in me that had been stuck for awhile. My chronic back pain is practically nonexistent." -Ali, Dance Artist


    "Shanna's touch helps me relax instantly. She has a heart of gold and is a true healer. I highly recommend her." -Brian Edgar, DJ and Counselor


  • FAQ

    Healing is a Process. Enjoy it.

    What does a typical session look like?

    • Consultation Time-The first part of the session includes an intake and consultation which acknowledges your current state of being and helps Shanna to assess how she can best support your wellbeing
    • Table Time-As you comfortably recline face-up (typically for entire session) on a massage table, Shanna continues the session with a focused intention to support your highest good. A CranioSacral Stillpoint Technique is offered to calm and balance the nervous system and jumpstart your self-healing mechanism. Tuning in to your body wisdom, she intuitively assesses your priority needs and implements subtle yet sometimes deep touch to release restrictions and improve wellbeing.
    • Integration & Conclusion-As your body integrates positive changes, Shanna gently guides you to return to the present setting of the room. She includes time to share about the experience, to answer questions, and to allow you to ground and hydrate before you leave. 


    Who can benefit from this therapy?

    Shanna offers a unique blend of intuitive therapies that ultimately supports your body in healing itself. She feels grateful to have Advanced level training in CranioSacral Therapy which has been known to help relieve a full spectrum of pain, illness and dysfunction, including:

    • Migraines and Headaches
    • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
    • Stress and Tension-Related Disorders
    • Stresses from Injury and Surgery
    • Stresses from Emotions
    • Motor-Coordination Impairments
    • Infant and Childhood Disorders
    • Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Digestive Disorders
    • TMJ Syndrome
    • Scoliosis
    • Central Nervous System Disorders
    • Learning Disabilities
    • ADD/ADHD
    • PTSD
    • Orthopedic Problems
    • Vertigo
    • Sleep Disturbances
    • Many other conditions

    What are potential results from this therapy?

    Although Shanna does not guarantee any results from her therapy and is not a substitute for proper medical attention, she has received feedback from her clients reporting their experience of positive changes including:

    • Pain Relief & Ease of Symptoms
    • Clearance of Brain Fog
    • Healthy Immune Function
    • Balancing of Hormones
    • Deep Relaxation & Peace of Mind
    • Recovery from illness, injury, trauma
    • Spinal Alignment & Increased Mobility
    • Confidence & Sense of Purpose
    • Heightened Intuition
    • Feeling lighter & more Joyous

    Is it normal to feel sensations such as pain, illness, soreness, fatigue, & heightened emotions during & after a session?

    • Your body's healing mechanism becomes activated during a session and the therapuetic process continues after a session. Although there may be initial discomfort as the body releases physical and emotional tensions, your body intuitively moves toward health and natural alignment
    • Our body stores the energetic impact of past traumas and injuries into its cell structures and develops compensation patterns to support itself. When negative imprints are released, you may experience pain or discomfort in other regions of the body, perhaps where pain never existed. This might happen because connective tissue in one region inserts an attachment to structures in different areas. Therefore, when negative traumatic imprints are released from the neck, the fascia of the sacrum may shift, and vice versa.
    • As tissues unwind and release, trapped emotions may surface and a  SomatoEmotional Release process begins.
    • If relief doesn't occur within 3 or 4 days, or if pain feels unbearable, please call for a follow up session or referral

    How can I make the most out of a session?

    • Ask for what you need ie...blanket, pillows, tissue, less or more pressure, touch or no touch in a specific area, bathroom break etc.
    • Feel free to ask questions and express what feels natural. You may wish to share memories, images, thoughts, and epiphanies. You may desire to move your body and express yourself through sound. You may experience heightened awareness or enter a meditative and dream-like state. Perhaps being silent for the session is your best medicine
    • Twitching, gurgling, burping, sneezing, coughing etc are all signs energy is moving
    • Allow yourself to observe pleasant and unpleasant body sensations from a neutral perspective
    • Trust in your healing process
    • Avoid scheduling work or other appointments after a session. You may wish to walk and unwind before driving. You may want to go home and sleep.

    How many treatments will I need?

    • Every individual is unique and responds to Shanna's sessions differently. Although you may experience a positive shift from one session, Shanna recommends her wellness programs to achieve sustained results. 
    • The effects of Shanna's sessions tend to be cumulative, meaning one ​treatment builds upon the next. It takes time for the body to integrate healthier ways of being. 
    • After receiving a foundational or comprehensive series, monthly or bimonthly maintenance may serve your wellbeing

    How can I best prepare for the session?

    • Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. Since, with your permission, Shanna may use techniques that require her to place a hand under your sacrum, she asks that you refrain from wearing a skirt or garments with buttons or metals.
    • Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne as Shanna is allergic
    • Inform Shanna of allergies or special needs at time of booking
    • Refrain from being under the influence of intoxicating substances
    • Drink plenty of electrolyte- enhanced water to flush out extra waste and lessen side-effects of detoxification
    • Eat at least 1-2 hours before a session so you are neither hungry nor too full
    • Consider results you aim to achieve. Clarify an intention you wish for Shanna to help you support
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